Hunt – Tailored Threat Hunt and Assessment

The digital revolution has led a significant increase in modern business’ reliance on technology. To thrive in today’s digital world, business often must adopt technology to compete and deliver high quality outcomes to consumers. Hunt is a service that combines the benefits, principles, and theory of proactive threat hunting with the elements of risk assessment to ensure the continuity of your critical operations. The end goal of every Hunt engagement is to provide actionable recommendations to ensure your operations never stop due to security threats.

What’s In It For You

Ensuring the availability and security of your business operations is our primary goal. Our team of experts has extensive experience across the industrial, public sector, and critical commercial spaces identifying risks in solving complex cybersecurity problems.

We work with your team to understand:

  1. How your business operations work
  2. Where your business operations most rely on technology
  3. Risks to revenue and efficiency based on technology adoption
  4. Identification of current threats within the environment
  5. How well your existing defenses are configured to catch potential threats

In the end, our goal is for you to leave a Hunt engagement knowing where your defenses stand, where you are doing well, and where you can improve with actionable next steps.

How It Works

From kickoff to out-brief, we are here to help throughout the process! We find that this collaboration leads to a far better outcome. The infographic below shows what you can expect throughout this offering.

Insane Forensics Tailored Threat Hunt, Assessment Service Horizontal

Insane Forensics Tailored Threat Hunt, Assessment Service Vertical

The Impact

“Insane Forensics provided rapid, in-depth forensics support that surfaced numerous vulnerabilities in the way our customer was conducting business. We were able to provide detailed fixes due to their incredible subject matter expertise on operational vulnerabilities.”

COO at Public Sector Focused Firm

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