Garland Technology 10/100/1000M (1G) Copper Aggregating TAP


Visibility starts with the packet. A network TAP (test access point) is a hardware device that allows you to access and monitor your network traffic by copying packets without impacting or compromising network integrity. These portable copper TAPs are ideal for 10/100/1000M copper network monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Create full duplex copies of network traffic and send copies to up to 2 devices from a single connectivity point via the TAP.

Add full visibility to networks with speeds of 10/100/1000M (1G) by simply connecting the TAP between two devices.

Easy configuration using the Dip Switches on the back of TAP to set modes.

Versatile TAP that supports aggregation, breakout, and regeneration/SPAN modes.

Ensures unidirectional traffic flow with built-in Data Diode design.

Four units fit in a 1U rack mount (compatible with Garland Technology’s RMS-1U-V2).

Made in the USA.


Durable, metal chassis.

(2) Copper RJ-45 Network Ports.

(2) Copper RJ-45 Monitoring Ports.

Includes (1) AC power supply.


Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 × 6.5 × 1.15 in

Install Guide

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