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The answers to complicated cybersecurity problems rarely fall under standard offerings. Forge focuses on innovative solutions to your critical security problems. Forge pairs the unique strength of our team with your most difficult challenges to challenge the status quo and reduce risk where feasible.

What’s In It For You

Every Forge project begins with a deep understanding of your challenges. We want to both make sure we understand your desired outcomes and where we can make the most impact.

In the past, we’ve tackled solutions to the following areas. This list isn’t inclusive of all potential problems we can help you solve.

  1. Custom curriculum development and training course delivery for all audience levels
  2. Security program evaluation and process building.
  3. Penetration testing, red teaming, and threat surface analysis
  4. Tabletop and live fire exercise development and execution

How It Works

We are an extension of your security team!

Planning Phase:

During the planning phase we work with your team to understand:

  1. What you are trying to accomplish and why are you solving the problem
  2. What your desired outcomes are
  3. How quickly do you need the solution and what your budget is
  4. Where our background best fits in solving your problem
  5. Identification of project risks and complexity

The planning phase starts with a complementary (30 minute) scoping call. From this call, we determine if we are the right team to help. After the planning call, we provide a quote for the project. Once the contract is signed, planning continues to develop a comprehensive plan prior to the start of the execution phase.

Execution Phase:

Once you are content with the path forward, we start working through the problem. Throughout the execution phase, we check in with you to ensure progress meets your desired end goal. As needed, we pivot to ensure the end product best matches your dream end state.

Delivery Phase

Once the solution is ready for delivery, we schedule a call to go over what was developed and train your team as needed. Depending on the delivery, this might take place in a single session or over a series of sessions.

Feedback Phase

We want to know how we did so we can make things even better next time! Every delivery ends with feedback. In a 30 minute call, we talk about how things went and how we can make things even more awesome the next time around.

Insane Forensics Tailored Solutions Service

Insane Forensics Tailored Solutions Service

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