Inside an Attacker’s Mind: Walk Through a Real-World Industrial Hack at RSAC With Dan Gunter and Tom VanNorman

Join Dan Gunter, CEO and Founder of Insane Forensics, and Tom VanNorman, Co-Founder of the ICS Village and Principal CyPhy at Grimm Security, at the RSAC ICS Village May 18 for a look inside an industrial attacker’s mind. 

The joint presentation, Spelunking Through the Steps of a Control System Hack, will walk through a real-world cyber attack on an industrial network step-by-step, demonstrating how to discover initial intrusion, detect attacker methods (tactics, techniques, and procedures), and how to prevent impacts to your operations. 


Who: Dan Gunter & Tom VanNorman

What: Spelunking Through the Steps of a Control System Hack

When: May 18, 2021 | 11:35- 12:15 PT

Where: RSAC ICS Village

How to Register:

Why You Should Attend 

With COVID-19 and the rise of remote workforces, cybersecurity threats have shifted beyond traditional security boundaries, leaving enterprises vulnerable to security breaches and at risk of incurring millions of dollars in downtime. This presentation will provide a live demonstration of how the Insane Forensics Platform can help analysts learn attackers’ tactics to anticipate their every move and prevent them from breaching networks and shutting down your operations. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build effective detection strategies for your organization 
  • How to identify known attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures before they are able to execute
  • How to scale response efforts beyond traditional systems 
  • How to .. 

Get Ready
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