Looking for Design Partners

Insane Forensics has an exciting opportunity available for design partners to help change the status quo.

Who is Insane Forensics

Insane Forensics provides a suite of products to help speed up the incident recovery and response, returning you to safe operations faster. We use automation to expedite the response and recovery processes through our easy-to-use platforms. We offer cloud-based, on-premise, and flyaway kit solutions that have simplified plug-and-play designs.

How is Insane Forensics different?

We’re introducing automation into forensics. Using our proprietary software, we can convert hours of manual labor into minutes. Pinpointing threats and how to restore.

The Insane Forensics platform ingests more data than any other tool on the market. Whether you have PCAPs, Windows Event Logs, or disc images, we can ingest and analyze the data through a quick drag and drop upload.

Our interface is designed to be simple and easy to use from junior analysts. Our drag and drop interface with automated analysis and easy to read reports makes it easy for any level of experience.

When data is uploaded, you’ll be able to visualize your network, and see connections between devices. This map can give you insights into hard to see areas of your network.

The Valkyrie Automated Security platform can be deployed to meet your needs. We offer in-cloud, on-premise, flyaway kits, and hybrid deployments. Whatever method you choose, the deployment is quick and easy – often as simple as plug-and-play.

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