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An extension of your team

End-to-end programs.

Protecting your OT assets can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to go at it alone. With Corvus Professional Services, you have a partner to help you respond and recover quickly. Leveraging the Valkyrie platform, our team of experts can help you find and respond to threats to your network.


It can feel overwhelming to see so many cyber threats and try to avoid alert fatigue. Our team of experts can relieve the pressure and flag relevant alerts that require attention.

Threat Hunting

Our team is actively on the lookout for emerging threats. Additionally, we continuously monitor your network identifying potential weaknesses, and helping you to fortify.

Incident Response

When an incident happens, you need a partner that you can trust. Our team of experts seamlessly steps in to help you restore safe operations.

By the numbers

Average breach cost for organizations lacking security skills
Average amount saved with IR planning, IR team, proactive threat hunting and threat intelligence

Powered by Valkyrie Automated Security

Innovative automation to rapidly detect and respond to threats.

We utilize our proprietary Valkyrie platform to monitor, detect, and respond. With powerful automation, Valkyrie can significantly reduce outage time.

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