Breaking Into Industrial Cybersecurity

Breaking Into Industrial Cybersecurity: What It Is, How To Get Into The Field, And Common Mistakes

Aaron Crow went from being OT tech support within a power generation facility to being responsible for cybersecurity, pivoted into consulting, and eventually became the CTO of a cybersecurity company. In this #TechTalkTuesday, he talks about industrial/OT cybersecurity, how he got into the field, how people just starting out can get into the field and common mistakes that asset owners make securing critical infrastructure facilities.

Threat Hunt For Malicious Account Usage Using Windows Event Logs

How To Threat Hunt for Malicious Account Usage Using the Windows Event Logs

The Windows event logs are a powerful funnel point for identifying hackers that leverage Windows accounts for access, lateral movement, and in other attack stages. In this edition of #TeckTalkTuesday, we explore logs within the advanced audit policy settings you can add to your threat hunting and incident response program to uncover attacker use of both domain-joined and local Windows accounts.


How to Threat Hunt For Wireless Network Compromise

Wireless networks are a key part of many corporate and home networks. In this edition of #TechTalkTuesday, we explore what wireless network attacks look like, and then cover four you can detect wireless attacks in your threat hunting and other cybersecurity efforts.

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